About Us - IOG History

  • 2013 Jul. 04
    IOVTEC established
    International Ocean Group(IOG) is formerly known as IOVTEC Co., Ltd., which is established by Vincent Tsai on 4th July 2013. IOVTEC is also the first local survey company that steps into offshore wind market in Taiwan and provides geophysical, hydrogeological survey, met ocean and unexploded ordnance survey, etc.
  • 2013
    Acquired Ocean Surveyor 1
  • 2014
    IOVTEC assisted Taiwan Generations Corporation(永傳能源) to execute Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)
  • 2015
    Acquired Ocean Surveyor 2
  • IOVTEC signed operation and maintenance contract with Swancor Renewable Energy(上緯新能源).
  • 2015
    Acquired Ocean Surveyor 3 from CWind UK
  • 2016
    Acquired Ocean Surveyor 6
  • IOVTEC signed operation and maintenance contract with Taiwan Power Corporation (台電).
  • 2017 Oct.
    Fugro moved forward to Taiwan Offshore Wind Farm
    IOVTEC and Fugro, the world's leading Geo-data specialist, signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) in 2017, which marked the start of Fugro’s involvement in providing geotechnical services to Taiwan’s OWF market.
  • 2018 Mar. 15
    2018 TAIWAN-EUROPE Wind Industry Summit
    Taichung City Government Economic Development Bureau held “2018 TAIWAN-EUROPE Wind Industry Summit“ and brought together leaders from central and municipal governments from Taichung and Changhua County with renowned experts from Europe and Taiwan to share ideas about offshore wind industry development and talents cultivation.
  • Apr.
    CWind Taiwan established
    CWind Taiwan, a joint venture between CWind and IOVTEC, has establish in 2018. Appling European offshore wind farm experience, we provide crew transfer vessels, offshore technicians, construction and O&M services, and talents cultivation to the offshore wind industry in Taiwan.
  • May. 17
    TIWTC established
    CWind Taiwan established Taiwan International Windpower Training Center with other public enterprises in May 2018. Our vision is to cultivate local wind power talents and localize wind power technology. Open the door to the offshore wind power market in Taiwan.
  • Acquired CWind Resolution
  • Acquired Ocean Surveyor 7
  • 2018 Aug.
    IOVTEC restructured into Company Limited
    As the number of employees and the company's scale expands, IOVTEC has successfully increased its capital and restructured into Company Limited. So as to provide customers more diverse and professional wind farm services.
  • 2019
    Acquired CWind Phantom
  • Sep. 05
    Wind Power Workshop
    Vincent Tsai, the general manager of IOVTEC, served as the lecturer to introduce TIWTC at “2019 Wind Power Workshop in TIPC Training Park”, in Taichung. This workshop is held by Taiwan International Ports Corp. (TIPC) and the participants will have a chance to know more about wind power industry and related offshore job opportunities. Crew Transfer Vessel and GWO Training Center visiting are also included in the second day of the workshop.
  • Sep. 05
    The opening ceremony of TIWTC
    The grand opening ceremony of TIWTC is held on the 5th September. Minister of MOTC, representative of British Office Taipei, chairman of TIPC and general manager of IOVTEC are all invited to attend the ceremony. Training center guided tour was followed the ceremony, including 21m height WAH tower, 3-6m training pool and 4m diving platform.
  • Sep. 16
    Taichung Marine Engineering Union established
    Taichung Marine Engineering Commercial Association was established on September 16. Vincent Tsai served as the executive director of the union, and Ethan Wang as one of the union directors.
  • Oct. 02
    IOVTEC has completed the first round of fundraising, and the funds will be used to expand the overall corporate service range and improve the quality of service.
  • Oct. 15
    7th Asian Offshore Wind Day
  • Oct. 24
    New Office Opening
    The new office of IOVTEC and CWind Taiwan has opened and a grand opening tea party was held on the same day. Look forward to providing our customers with better services.
  • 2019 Nov. 15
    14th Taiwan–UK Renewable Energy Conference
    14th Taiwan–UK Renewable Energy Conference was held by Bureau of Energy and British Office Taipei in November to have discussion on renewable energy development in both countries. Vincent Tsai also served as a lecturer to share localization experience about labor safety, personnel training, and port management of wind power industry.
  • 2020
    Company Rebranding - IOG
    While providing more services, we explore more diversified customers. To establish a group with independent strategic partners across multiple sectors, we carried out rebranding in early 2020 and tried to inject new vitality into the original brand. Therefore, we established a new brand to create a localized offshore wind power integration service group image, which is, International Ocean Group (IOG). With a vision, that Taiwan be the offshore wind power base in Asia-Pacific area and create a sustainable environment by carrying out energy transformation.
  • IOVTEC starts to carry out capital raising on GISA
    IOVTEC joined in the Go Incubation Board for Startup and Acceleration Firms (GISA) of TPEx and started to carry out capital raising. The stock symbol is 7583.
  • Apr. 29
    Fugro IOVTEC established
    IOVTEC and Fugro signed a joint venture agreement on 29 April 2020 to strengthen their existing partnership within the Taiwan OWF market. The main services they offer include geotechnical, geophysical, cable route survey and marine construction support.
  • Oct. 15
    CWind Taiwan awarded first O&M contract in Taiwan
    CWind Taiwan announced that it has been awarded a balance of plant (BOP) contract for Formosa 1 Offshore Wind Farm, the first offshore wind farm in Taiwan that moves into its operational phase,
  • Dec. 14
    GWO Pilot Project In TIWTC
    CWind Taiwan announced that it is sponsoring up to 100 Taiwanese students and local fishermen to participate in a GWO pilot project, aiming to raise the candidate’s awareness of offshore safety and develop their general understanding of the offshore wind industry in Taiwan. They could have complete evaluation, before they truly enter related industries.
  • 2021
    Acquired Cwind Phoenix and Cwind Phenom
  • Jan. 12
    TIWTC wins Asia/Pacific No.1
    TIWTC has announced to be the highest GWO certification distributor in the year of 2020 in Asia Pacific by Global Wind Organization(GWO).
  • June
    IOVTEC has completed the second round of fundraising. The aim of this fundraising is to support our business partners to expand service range and increase more vessels under the group.
  • Nov. 15
    The first Pilot Project begins
    IOG and SPO collaborate with TUMT (Taipei University of Marine Technology) to recruit talented individuals who are interested in offshore wind vessels to take part in training courses for our deck and engine departments.
  • Nov. 25
    TIWTC trainer awarded
    TIWTC trainer Thomas Yu received the GWO Safety Award Young Achiever of the Year as the highly commended one! TIWTC is also announced to be one of the Training team of the year - Asia/Pacific.
  • 2022 Feb. 9
    Acquired CWind Pesanach
  • Feb. 22
    Fugro IOVTEC signed MOU with TORI
    Fugro IOVTEC signed MOU with TORI to combine the resources of both parties to jointly invest in the training of offshore wind talents in Taiwan. With an aim to enhance the ability of Taiwanese crew to carry out marine research and offshore wind projects.
  • Mar. 4
    IOG wins 2022 Taiwan Golden Peak Award
    IOG has been awarded "Top Ten Outstanding Enterprises" & "Top Ten Outstanding Leaders" at the 21th Golden Peak Awards.

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