Fugro IOVTEC Soil Laboratory


Fugro IOVTEC has determined to fulfill localization. Together with Fugro, our Fugro IOVTEC Laboratory in Maritime Technology Innovation Centre(MTIC), in Xingda Port,  has been introduced (planned to be accredited with ISO 17025)  We provides high standard of testing and delivers high quality reports to major companies   in the industry. We can also design a full package according to client’s requirements as we have the following traits:

In summary, Fugro IOVTEC Laboratory is able to perform the following tests:
  • Physical and Index Properties Tests
  • Chemical Tests
  • Rock Tests
  • Compressibility Tests
  • Conventional Shear Strength Tests
  • Advanced Static Shear Strength Tests
  • Advanced Dynamic Tests

Taiwan lab is designed according to Fugro Marine Singapore Soil Lab. >>



We have extensive in-house capability for advanced laboratory testing, geotechnical interpretative report (GIR), evaluation and integration of geotechnical and geophysical data. This capability minimizes subcontracted work, thus reducing inefficiency and contract risk

We have extensive database across the region, especially the West Coast of Taiwan. This database can be utilized to optimize the laboratory testing program and to augment knowledge about the site conditions


With a strong focus on provision of high-quality testing and development of specialist equipment, the facilities at our laboratory have been tailored to address the needs of the offshore wind farm and development of complex infra-structure


Our laboratory testing and reporting team can work seamlessly with Client’s engineering design team and geotechnical consultant, to optimize the testing program to better suit the engineering needs project or development purposes

Advanced Testing

Fugro IOVTEC Laboratory is equipped with state-of-the-practice test equipment and technical expertise to provide a range of advanced testing capabilities, as well as to design a fit-for-purpose test program

Advanced stress-path triaxial and simple shear testing equipment is able to simulate the in-situ ground condition, predicting soil responses due to different load conditions

In addition, we are also equipped with dynamic soil testing capabilities which allows us to obtain important dynamic properties of the soil for the advanced engineering analyses, such as earthquake, blasting and environmental loadings on ground and foundation

With our high precision control systems and accurate measuring devices such as Cyclic Direct Simple Shear apparatus, Dynamic Triaxial Testing system and Resonant Column, Fugro Laboratory can provide valuable data such as shear modulus at small strains, damping ratios, failure interaction under various cyclic loading condition for seismic site-response and liquefaction analyses

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