IOG Shipyard

IOG Shipyard is a member of  International Ocean Group (IOG)

Location: Jiang Jun Fish Harbor, in Tainan

Industrial Development Bureau(IDB) in Taiwan announced localization policies ,attributed to maturaity of domestic industries and supportive references from policies abroad ,to support domestic offshore wind industrial development. The objectives of this localization policy involve phases of domestic underwater survey, operation ,maintenance, and ship building.

Hense, we planned our own shipyard in Jiang Jun Fish Harbor, in Tainan, as a maintenance base for our own fleet, including survey vessels, offshore working vessels and crew transport vessels (CTV). Besides vessel maintenance, we will set up our own plant to build crew transport vessels and offshore working vessels within a length of 40 meters. In order to support the localization policy of shipbuilding in the third phase. IOG Shipyard expects to complete the prototype of refitting center in 2024 or so.

Phase 1 : the set up of berths for CTVs and superyachts. Up to 12 berths are planned in an area of 125 metres by 90 metres.

Phase 2 : the construction of a the shipyard plant that fits in two superyachts at a time. Expected completion is summer of 2023.

IOG Local Contribution Plans

IOG is always willing to contribute to the local fishermen’s associations, communities and commercial development in Taiwan. We plan to achieve upgrading of local industries through the establishment of shipyard, to enhance the quality of life and achieve sustainable operation.

Provide local fishermen with convenient vessel maintenance

Fishermen have priority to get our good racking site, and regular surveys and investigations are carried out in the port every year to ensure the safety of navigation. With an aim to protect the safety of fishermen's lives and properties, and maintain the integrity of the port structure.

Improve the ability of self-construction of vessels and support green energy development

We bring in the construction technology of vessels and working mode from Europe to improve self-construction capabilities and specifications of domestic vessels. In addition, IOG promotes healthy competition in this industry in response to the concept of a smart green energy city in Tainan.

Enhance the diversity of local development and create economic output

Our shipyard provides berthing, repair and maintenance services for foreign vessels and yachts to reduce the burden of fishing harbor management offices. As our shipyard develops steadily, we expect to attract other shipbuilding industry to enter in Jiang Jun Fish Harbor, to drive the development of adjacent business districts. Thus, to promote business opportunities and enhance the utilization rate of port facilities.

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