Our Fleet

Since the establishment in 2013, as a local survey company, IOVTEC expands the business scope actively and started to step in offshore wind farm industry. With our high-standards fleet, experienced crew team and sophisticated equipment, we provide a myriad of marine services to our clients, such as vessel charter, technical services, and operation at sea. After obtaining shipping carriers license, personnel transportation services are also included in our service range.

In IOG, IOVTEC is an expert in offshore engineering and local marine regulations in Taiwan, and CWind Taiwan has inherited experience working at over 50 European offshore wind farms from CWind and operates the highest European standards of Health and Safety. We provide professional vessel charter services with safe and reliable vessels and introduce relevant standard safety management system. In addition, our crew members are all with certificates regulated by the Maritime Port Bureau and in compliance with STCW 2010 amendments, and with complete internal company training. As the first offshore wind farm integrated service provider in Taiwan, IOG is committed to the localization of offshore wind talents and knowledge. Our vision is to make Taiwan as the offshore wind farm development base of Asia-Pacific and create a sustainable environment with green energy.

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