We Make Efforts on Environmental Protection

Nature is closely bonding with human societies as it is used to be. However, climate change is one of the biggest challenges that we face nowadays. We start to realize that, transforming non-renewable energy that we rely on has become one of our top priority. One of the purpose of establishment of IOG is to create clean energy. We devote ourselves to offshore wind industry in Taiwan, and introduce offshore wind  training courses to cultivate local talents. We aim to make Taiwan become the development base of offshore wind market in Asia and to promote sustainable environment by developing green energy.

We Run Our Business with Integrity​

IOG is committed to providing high-quality maritime engineering services. To achieve cooperation with lots of professional leading business entity, we always insist on running our business with integrity. Within our group, we provide internal training to make our employees work with strong ethic, and always provide services to our customers by moral principles. In addition, our professional technical team always pursues constantly more professional and innovative services, so as to gain the long-term trust from our customers and achieve a win-win situation.

Our Employees are the Key to Our Success

The success of IOG is definitely the credit of every employee in our whole group. We build high-quality working environment and create diversified working atmosphere, with an aim to make every employee feel belongingness in IOG. Furthermore, we also encourage our employees to pursue self-challenge and learning. We believe that employees with good personal development and mental and physical health could enhance their work abilities increasingly, thus to achieve a virtuous circle of mutual benefits between the whole group and the individual.


At IOG, We are Committed to Operating with GRIT!

Globalization. Established in 2013, IOVTEC is the first local survey company that moved forward to the offshore wind market in Taiwan. Furthermore, we always encourage ourselves to build international cooperation with leading business around the world. It’s also our honor to have close cooperation with world-class enterprises, like CWind and FUGRO N.V. We aim to be an offshore wind integrated service group and are committed to making Taiwan be the offshore wind development base in Asia-Pacific region.

Reliability. We believe, our brand value comes from the reliability of our customers. We always emphasize the importance of reliability in our group, thus we build a comfortable working environment like a family. All our employees would have chance to show their talents and work abilities in our workingplace to provide professional services with high-quality. This does enhance the foundation of mutual trust between IOG and our customers, thereby creating sustainable brand value.

Innovation. In this fast-growing offshore wind industry, IOG always insists on innovation in terms of our operational policy, internal management and professional technology; Besides, we encourage our employees to put our business philosophy into preactice and raise their ideas at any time, to maintain the innovation and enthusiasm. With an aim to keep growing and provide our customers services with high-quality in this rapid-changing market.

Teamwork. Building great organizational culture must rely on the mutual growth of  group and members. Therefore, we always encourage our employees to share their opinions with each other. Through effective and frequent communication, we build trust between each other and make everyone be a real team player. With an aim to make ourselves work together and devote ourselves to building local offshore wind industry chain.

Business Strategy

As a professional offshore wind integrated service provider, we believe Talents, Knowhow and Capital are the three major key business strategies to our whole group.

Stable and sufficient capital makes our companies more established and thus we can expand the scale of our whole group rapidly. We always make every effort to build cross-field and transnational cooperation, with an aim to establish sustainable local supply chains. Furthermore, we support relevant policies on offshore wind localization from government actively. We set up an offshore wind training center to cultivate local offshore wind talents and devote ourselves to transferring the skills and knowledge across Taiwan.

Our Vision and Mission

International Ocean Group (IOG) is a market leader in Taiwan’s offshore wind industry, offering integrated services across multiple sectors. IOG consists of five business units, including IOVTEC, CWind Taiwan, Fugro IOVTEC, TIWTC and IOG Shipyard. Dated back to 2013, International Ocean Vessel Technical Consultant (IOVTEC) was the one of the local survey company that steps into the offshore wind market in Taiwan to provide integrated offshore wind services for the country’s landmark projects. 

As an emerging industry these years, offshore wind development requires not only advanced and cutting-edge technologies, but also covers a wide range of specialized fields. However, through the whole offshore wind industry chain, foreign companies and technicians are still the main force in this industry. That is, now we face a dilemma of shortage of Taiwanese offshore wind talents. Therefore, how to cultivate local talents and transfer the skills and knowledge in Taiwan are the top priorities at this moment.

As the first marine engineering company in Taiwan, which took the first step towards offshore wind market, we always work hard on cultivating local offshore wind talents. In 2018, we established a joint venture, CWind Taiwan, with windfarm operation and maintenance expert in Europe, CWind. In the same year, IOG Shipyard was also established in Jiangjiung Harbor, in Tainan. In 2020, we also established a joint venture, Fugro IOVTEC, with  Dutch Geotechnical specialist, Fugro. Furthermore, we also established Taiwan International Windpower Training Corporation Ltd. (TIWTC) with many public entities to introduce common international standards for safety training, which are set by Global Wind Organization (GWO), including BTT and BST etc. One of our mission is to strengthen professional techniques and competence in Taiwan and make resources are in place for the local offshore wind supply chain.

Through continuous learning and innovation, on one hand, we go full speed on localization in Taiwan and are committed to transferring knowhow in Taiwan. On the other hand, we also make efforts on cooperating with world-class professional enterprises to build offshore wind integrated service group. We are able to provide diversified and professional services not only at early stage of wind farm exploration, but also at mid-term construction and later maintenance and operation. Our vision is to make Taiwan be the offshore wind base in Asia Pacific region and always step at the forefront of offshore wind industry in Taiwan. And our passion makes us keep creating more outstanding offshore wind track records everywhere.