We Pursue Green Energy in Innovated Way

We focus on developing clean energy and creating a sustainable environment, and we’re also a trustworthy maritime engineering partner to our customers.

In this ever-changing offshore wind farm industry, our vision highlights our excellence. As one of the main contractors of the construction and maintenance phase in offshore wind development, we are committed to providing effective solutions with high-quality. Through various cross-disciplinary cooperation, we learn and grow continuously. Keep step forward to be internationalization and take real action to cultivate local wind farm talents and realize green energy localization in Taiwan.

Talents are the Key to Our Success

We believe that good business relies on everyone’s collaboration and contribution. Therefore, we always encourage employees to learn continuously and value the potential of each one. Working with qualified and motivated personnel makes us create a positive working environment that always pursues excellence.

We also believe that enthusiasm, professionalism, and commitment of our employees are the key factors, that keep pushing our company to grow. Therefore, we value not only the long-term career development of our employees, but also the satisfaction of working environment. We always put the physical, mental health and safety of our employees as the priority. Through close teamwork, we aim to establish an energetic and diversified working environment. Want to reach self-actualization and achieve success? Come and Join US NOW!

10 Reasons to Join IOG

We work in diversified workplace environment

We always encourage innovation

We value personal talents

We always value the potential of each one

We have perfect working system and welfare

We hold Team Building bring everyone together

We enhance cohesion with internal training

We value physical and mental health

We value the balance of work and life

We always communicate efficiently

Working In IOG

Ready to join us?

Since the Established in 2013, IOVTEC delivered a wide range of survey services. With the expansion of our business scope, we started to step in offshore wind industry and devote actively to developing green energy. Through various cross-disciplinary cooperation, our services cover geophysical and geotechnical survey, vessel charter and talents cultivation. We are committed to taking real action to realize the vision of industrial localization.

CWind Taiwan, a joint venture between CWind UK and IOVTEC, established in 2018. From CWind UK, CWind Taiwan has inherited experience working at over 50 European offshore wind farms and operates to the highest European standards of Health and Safety. As the main contractor of construction and maintenance, CWind Taiwan delivers a full turnkey solution, with a range of integrated services and packages across the lifecycle of an offshore wind farm and access to expert technicians and high performing vessels.

TIWTC is a joint venture, which is formed by Taiwan International Ports Corp., China Steel Company, China Shipbuilding Company, Taipower Company, Cwind Taiwan and Swancor Renewable. As the first GWO training provider in Taiwan, TIWTC provides Basic Technical Training (BTT), Basic Safety Training (BST). To cultivate local wind power talents and localize wind power technology. Open the door to the offshore wind power market in Taiwan.